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The Wind.

As part of our topic on the wind, we looked at wind strength and direction. We made windsocks and windmills and took them to different parts of the school grounds on different days. From the photographs you can see which way the wind was blowing and how strongly it was blowing on the different days. Just for fun we ran up and down the
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Owls by Second Class

We looked at how to draw owls – their shape, proportions, body parts and patterns. We then drew and coloured our own owls adding background and detail. We hope you enjoy looking at them.            

Looking at Artefacts in Second Class

Artefacts During history we looked at a variety of artefacts. We worked together in groups and tried to work out what the artefacts were used for. We also discussed their appearance – colour, shape, texture and pattern. Look at the photographs can you see a carpet beater, a spurtle (used to stir porridge), a sock darner, irons, a rope maker, and a butter mould.