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Marble Run

Marble Run Blog Post by Sarah and Oisín

In school we discussed how to make marble runs, and looked at photo’s to give us ideas. We talked about ways we could slow down the marble while it was moving through the run. Some examples were : Funnels, bumps and slight slants in the tubes.

The rules were that the marble had to run 2 metres no shorter, no longer and that there would be no adult help. There would be two prizes- one for the best decorated and one for the slowest marble run.

On October 15 we brought in our marble runs. We aimed for the slowest and most decorated .

After break our teacher timed all of our marble runs to see which one was the slowest .The next day 5 classes came in to see our marble runs .We showed them how it worked and how we slowed the marble down.

The following day 3 classes came in to see them .After we showed all the classes our teacher gave out the prizes. At the end of the day we brought our marble runs home.

All the classes enjoyed seeing our marble runs and we enjoyed making them.

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