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First Class – Travel – Trains

The children in First Class have really enjoyed learning about trains. We learned about the history of trains and how they work, where they go and why trains are used for transport. The children have really enjoyed their research. We also read stories about trains and especially loved the abridged version of The Railway Children. The children also impressed everyone with learning the poem, ‘A Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The children had a wonderful surprise. They got to meet a real train driver. Gareth Wallace from Sligo Train Station visited our class and taught us about what he does and where he goes. We learned so much! We learned that the Sligo train to Dublin has a lower speed limit than the trains to other cities as the train from Sligo travels through the midlands where the land is wet. The train travels more slowly over bog land than it does over dry land.

Gareth also brought in a wheelchair ramp and opened it and taught us how it is used. He brought in his cap and a high visability jacket for the children to try on. He also brought in a ticket validating stamp and real train tickets. Gareth showed us a video of what it is like from behind the ‘wheel’ of the train. (We learned that actually there is no ‘wheel,’ just dials nobs and levers to drive the train as it runs on railway tracks.)

To top off the wonderful visit, Gareth brought a gift of a Iarnrod Eireann water bottle and a bar of chocolate for everyone. We had so much fun!

Thank you Gareth!

Photos to follow!


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