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Marble Run

4th Class were involved in a group project in which they had to create a ‘Marble Run’ out of recycled materials.

Their object was to make the marble move as slowly as possible. The run had to be 2m in length and they were free to come up with whatever design and obstacles they wished.

The finished projects were amazing! They were all so different from each other, using so many clever ideas to slow down their marble. They also decorated their runs beautifully coming up with their own theme around the marbles journey.

We timed the marble’s journey in each run and the ‘slowest’ marble run came down to two groups who were in very close¬†competition with each other. Nicole, Milly and Caoimhe achieved a time of 9.92 second. Ana Georgia, Leah and Sarah recorded a time of 9.25 seconds.

Other groups won prizes for being the- best decorated, most creative, best theme, most inventive, best recycled, and best use of different materials.

The other classes in the school got the opportunity to come in to our room and try out the marble runs. This really tested how well they would stand the test of time and use!

Everyone left happily with a certificate and a prize to bring home. Well done 4th Class!


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