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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

1st have have been listening attentively to teacher read the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to them for 5 minutes each day before they went home. They really enjoyed the book.They were many gasps of astonishment and roars of laughter to be heard from the room!

We finished the book last week and were very excited to watch the film and see everything we imagined come to light. Although many children reported that they still preferred they book.

Afterwards the children were handed their own chocolate bar. Five of these bars had golden tickets. There was a big race to open their wrappers and see who was the winner. We had 5 lucky winners who each got a prize from the special prize box.

Finally we did some comparison work between the film and the book. It was remarkable the amount of differences the children noticed.

Golden Ticket Winners Enjoying the Film

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


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