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Friendship Squad

This year 5th class are involved in Friendship Squad. 6th class are helping out because there are not enough children in 5th. This year there is lots of brilliant new equipment for all the classes. We have space hoppers, lots of dice, chalk, bean bags, a giant target board, a giant chess set, a snakes and ladders game and lots more fun toys.

Friendship squad are dressed in yellow bibs so they can be easily be spotted. Every day at big break, the Friendship squad will bring out toys for the children to play with. This is continued in every yard in the school. There is a set rota for who is on what yard. Every day there will be two people on each yard. If it is raining, the Friendship squad who is meant to be on the junior and the senior yards go into their classrooms to play games with them.

Friendship squad’s aim is that everyone has the best break they possibly can. Not just the equipment but every week the Friendship squad learn new games to play on the yards, such as peep behind the curtain, the farmer’s in his den, spiders web, oranges and lemons and many more. No child will ever be left out.


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