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September Newsletter!


Dear Parents,

Welcome back to staff, parents and pupils after the summer holidays. We are especially delighted to warmly welcome all of our new pupils and staff. The new developments in the school are wonderful  and the Board of Management and staff have worked hard all summer to ensure that the change and transition period is a smooth and positive experience for all.

New staff

We welcome Ms. Doohan, Ms. Long, Ms. Wetherald, Ms. Rolf as permanent members of our teaching staff. We also welcome Mrs. O Donoghue who will be job sharing with Mrs. Timoney in Learning Support. Welcome is also extended to our new Special Needs Assistant, Mrs. Considine and to Ms. Travers who is covering Ms. Greene’s maternity leave. Heartiest congratulations to Ms. Greene and her husband on the birth of their beautiful baby, Kate!

Welcome to all our new pupils throughout the school. From now on, we will be referring to our two new classes for children with autism as “The Glen”. We will also invite other children in the school into “The Glen” at various opportunities to enjoy the beautiful resources here. We embark on our new school year with renewed energy and optimism. Best of luck to all!

Parent’s Information Evening

We will hold an information evening for all parents in mid September-date to be confirmed as soon as possible. This meeting will explain some new approaches to literacy throughout the school-use of the novel and supplementary readers and also will provide a presentation on autism and integration from the national experts in this field from the Middletown Centre for Autism in Co. Down. We hope that each family will be in a position to send one representative.


A school photographer will visit the school and photograph children on 25th September. Detailed information will be sent to parents in advance and purchase is entirely optional.

Appointments to see teachers/Principal

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to meet with the class teacher, should they have a concern or a matter they need to discuss.  It is essential , however, that parents make an appointment in advance either through a note to the class teacher or through contacting Mrs. Hampson in the office, in order to arrange the meeting. It is not possible for a teacher to look after the class and attempt to talk to a parent at the same time.

Most concerns that parents have can be resolved satisfactorily through a meeting with the class teacher. It is only in the event that a matter has not been resolved with the class teacher, or if the matter does not pertain to something that the class teacher can help with, should a parent require a meeting with the Principal. The Principal is only available for meetings by prior appointment and the purpose of the meeting must be briefly noted by Mrs. Hampson to ensure that the Principal has the relevant information to hand.

School Uniform

If you pre-ordered a tracksuit, please collect from Mrs. Hampson’s office. A significant number of uncollected tracksuits still remain.

Some parents have mentioned that a tracksuit bottom may not be a suitable fit at the moment. It is important for parents to note that children are also permitted to wear navy trousers (in the case of boys and girls) with the school tracksuit top and a navy skirt/pinafore (in the case of girls) with the school tracksuit top. The trouser/skirt/pinafore can be purchased at a very affordable price at any of the retail outlets. The school tracksuit top can be purchased as a separate should you wish. Please keep footwear relatively plain, although we acknowledge this can be difficult as most runners have a colourful stripe, but please avoid extremely bright colours and keep as plain as possible!


Please ensure that art, craft, photocopying, copies money etc; is all sent to school clearly marked in envelopes. The start of the year is an expensive time for parents and we realise this, however, we very much appreciate the voluntary contribution or a portion of it, as soon as parents can afford it. This contribution is €60 for a family with one child in the school or €90 if there are 2 or more children in the school. This money is meeting a shortfall in the funding provided by DES to run the school.


Swimming starts this Thursday with 3rd and 6th class beginning a 12 week block of swimming lessons at Sligo Sports Complex from 5/9/13 to 28/11/13 inclusive. It is expected that all children will partake in the swimming lessons. The costing of the lessons is based on full participation by all. The children will get the bus on Thursday morning to the pool and return to school at 11.20 approx. The cost of swimming to include the cost of the bus will be  €66 per child . 4th and 5th class will start swimming on  5/12/13 until the 13/3/14 and the final block of swimming lessons for 2nd class will begin on 03/04/14 to the 19/06/13. For the first block Mr. Mc Groary will be going with the children along with Ms. Doohan so no male parent will be required, however in the subsequent blocks of lessons we will be appealing to male parents to help out with the supervision to comply with child protection policy.

School Insurance

We recommend that all children avail of the school insurance scheme provided by Allianz. Mrs. Hampson is sending home the information and application form so please return to school with the money if you wish your child to avail of same. Cost is €9 per child.

School Bus

A number of parents are organising a private school bus and would like any parents who would be interested in this service to contact them on 087-7705498(Daria) or 087-9802764(Isobel).

Assembly and Dismissal of children

School starts at 9.20am and finishes at 3pm. The Board of Management accept no responsibility for children outside of these times. Children can line up in the mornings in their class lines. Children are not permitted to run around or play sports in the morning for health and safety reasons. Pupils can enter and exit the school premises through the gates, please ensure that children understand that they are not to climb over the wall. Although this practice is currently under review by the Board of Management, presently on mornings of very inclement weather,  Mrs. O Rourke will supervise the children in the hall, where they will line up with their class. This is at the discretion of the management team, however, and we wish to recommend to parents that children should be dressed appropriately in anticipation of inclement weather and that where possible children should wait in their parent’s car until 9.20am. While under supervision in the hall, children must behave in a calm, mannerly fashion in the hall to ensure the safety of all.

Lost Property

Property left in classrooms at the end of last year has been collected and is currently in Mrs. Hampson’s office. Should your child have lost a piece of clothing, please come to Mrs. Hampson’s office within the next week, as items will be disposed of after this time.

Labelling items

Please ensure that all items belonging to your child are clearly labelled. It is essential that school tracksuit and pieces of clothing are labelled or we will be unable to identify the owner should items go missing.

Friendship Squad

This year the 6th will assist the 5th class in the running of the Friendship Squad, due to small numbers in 5th class. We hope to have a rota in place so the Friendship Squad can begin their wonderful work on the yard by next Monday. We also hope to purchase some new equipment if funds allow. We are very proud of the Friendship Squad and the great work they do in making lunchtimes so enjoyable.

P.E Arrangements

This term, 3rd and 6th are swimming. This accounts for the allocation of P.E time outlined in the curriculum and covers the aquatics strand. For this term, Junior and Senior Infants and first class will have access to the hall for P.E on Thursday mornings. 2nd and 5th class will have access to the hall on Tuesday afternoons for P.E . Weather permitting the classes will also have a P.E lesson outdoors. Arrangements are in place for the relocation of 4th class to another classroom at these times to minimise any disruption due to noise for the P.E class in the hall.


Junior Infant Parents Meeting

This will take place in the Junior Infant classroom on Thursday, 5th September at 7pm. It is important that at least one parent attends to become familiar with the infant programme.

Clothes Collection

A clothes collection of unwanted clothes will take place in the school on Friday 27th September. Please drop your clothes to school on Thursday or first thing Friday morning as they usually collect early. The school generates much needed funds from these collections so please support!

Learning Support Team

This year our team comprises of four excellent teachers-Ms. Hynes, Mrs. Timoney, Mrs. O Donoghue and Mrs. Walsh. The work of this team will vary- some children may come out of class for support either individually or in groups, and a lot of support will be given in the classrooms in the form of various excellent programmes which will be implemented such as reading pals, building bridges in comprehension, novel work, station teaching in literacy and maths etc; You will hear your child mention these teachers and all children will benefit from their expertise and the great support that will be provided throughout the school. If there is an individual concern about your child’s learning, however, one of these teachers will make contact with you and support may be offered.


We thank you for taking the time to read all the information updates and a copy of this letter can be found also on the school blog at www.ransboro.ie. We look forward to working with you and your children throughout the year and we hope that the year is an enjoyable year of learning for your children.


Yours Sincerely,

Siobhán Clarke




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