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We grew watercress seeds!

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We grew watercress seeds in our class.  We put some compost into a yogurt pot and planted some seeds in it.  We watered our seeds every day and placed them in sunlight.  Our seeds grew in a few days!

We also set up two control pots – Pot 1 was watered but placed in darkness,

Pot 2 was placed in sunlight and not watered.

Pot 1 & 2 did not grow well as they did not get all the requirements plants need to grow.  Some of the seeds grew a little, but were yellow and did not look very healthy!  Our pots grew very well because as they got plenty of sunlight and water.  We enjoyed our watercress seeds on sandwiches and salads!

P1030008Pot 1 (left) and Pot 2 (right)

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