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6th Class Cake Sale

On the 19th of October 2012, 6th Class had a cake sale in the school hall to raise money for the Mission V Fund IT campaign . Last week our teacher told us that we were going to have a cake sale next Friday. All of the class were really exited. People could bring in buns to sell to all of the pupils in the school.

Every class got their turn to come up to the hall and put what ever money they had into the bowl, they would get a plastic bag and go and pick their buns. Who ever brought in the buns tried their best to sell the buns. Loads of people brought in buns and cakes to sell.

The tables were in a shape of a “U”, and everyone picked their place to sell. People brought in rice-crispie buns, cookies, meringues, brownies, buns with icing, choclate cakes, ginger-bread men and plain buns. It was a great sucess. Everyone was eager to get all their supplies sold out.┬áThe cake sale ended at eleven O’ clock. At the end of the cake sale, almost every ones buns were sold out.

View the Gallery of photos of the Cake Sale HERE

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