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Wizard William


We went to a play in the hall called Wizard William. First we saw a man called Wizard William. He can make you breathe heavily. Then we saw King Arthur, the king of the story. Then Arthur said “Get my queen a present at once! Let’s wake her up and see what she wants”. Soon she woke up and told them she wanted to be a sugarplum fairy. The king and queen went back to the palace. William put the ingredients into the pot. Then his maid killed a spider and put it into the pot. Then Wizard William came back. He did the spell and turned the queen into sugar! Then they went to the Wonderful Wizard of What and they asked him how to turn the queen out of sugar. He said that the only way to turn her back was to get a green emerald in Greenland. So the Wonderful Wizard of What did a teleporting spell and Wizard William was teleported to Greenland and got the emerald. He changed the queen back but he changed his maid into sugar. We thought that the play was amazing.

By Joshua and Aidan


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