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St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

On St Brigids Day 1st February the First Communion and Confirmation classes got together and made St. Brigid’s crosses. Mr. Quinn showed 6th class how to make the crosses and then 2nd class came in to the 6th class classroom and sat down. The confirmation class showed the younger children how to make the crosses and then everyone set to work making their own cross to bring
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2nd Class & 6th Class made St. Brigid’s Crosses

St. Brigid’s Day   Today is St. Brigid’s Day.  When Brigid was nursing an old pagan chieftain she picked up rushes from the floor and began to plait them into a cross. Brigid used the cross to explain the story of Jesus and his crucifixion to the chieftain. She told him about the love and forgiveness of God. The man repented of his lifestyle
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