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Hurling Video

On Wednesdays 6th class do hurling. The coaches name is Benny. During the lesson we do drills and short games. Many of us have learned lots of new skills. It is great fun and we all enjoy it  and are always looking forward to Wednesday. Here is a stop motion video  our teacher made using an ipad.

Fun with Scooters!

We are having great fun on scooters in school! We have road signs and a path to follow. Senior Infants

6th Class in Delphi – Day 1

Delphi day 1!! On day 1 we arrived at the school at 9:20 to get on the bus. Before we got on the bus a lot of people were taking pictures. We had a 2 and a half hour bus ride to get to Delphi, everyone was very excited. When we arrived Maura was waiting for us she brought us to the conservatory where
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 2

The next morning we did kayaking. We did kayaking for two and a half hours. We played fun kayaking games. We played cops ‘n’ robbers game like ‘Sharks and Minnows’. We did pier jumping and played on our kayaks. Afterwards we did team building. Some games were confusing! The first one was called ‘Spiders Web’. It was ropes all tied together which we had
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 3

Delphi Day 3   The Great Adventure We woke up and took everything out of the room and put them in the sports hall. Next we had breakfast we had cereal, tea and toast. Soon we headed for the zip wire .We climbed up a ladder joining to a pole. On top of the pole there was a wobbly platform and a very nice
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Mr. Quinn’s class started swimming on the 16 th of Decemeber. We do it every Thursday. Mr. Quinn brings some of our work with him to corect while we are swimming. We do front crawl, breast stoke and back crawl. After the lesson we we get five minutes of play time in the pool. Then we get back into our clothes and get on
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Volleyball Lessons

Every Wednesday 3rd Class go to Volleyball after school. Our coach’s name is Ray. We started it on January 19th, so Aaron did badminton with us instead. You can read about that here. We enjoyed doing badminton. It was great fun. In volleyball, there are four moves that we are learning. They are called the spike, serve, set and the dig. Our first lesson
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Badminton Lesson

On Wednesday 19th January, 3rd class did a badminton lesson in the halla after school. We were supposed to do volleyball but the man who was coming to do volleyball couldn’t come because he was sick. So we did badminton instead. To play badminton, you need a long high net, a racket and a shuttlecock. You hit the shuttlecock with the racket over the
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Our basketball coach’s name is Mike Stephens. He is a very good coach. At the start of the session we do dribbling cone to cone. After training we do passing in pairs. We play the matches on the basketball court at the back of the school. When we play matches Mike puts us into two teams. When Mike blows the whistle, you have to
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Sports Day

On June 22nd it was Sports Day in Ransboro NS. First Rang II played unihoc and Rang I played table tennis. Then Rang II went on the bouncing castles and Rang I played unihoc. Then we had our breaktime. Then Rang II did parachute and Rang I did bouncing castles. Then Rang II played table tennis and Rang I did parachute games. Then we
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