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Pomegranate Video

This is a video that we found on the iPod Touch while looking for five facts about the pomegranate. We thought you’d like to see it. [media id=4]

Trans Atlantic Pomegranate Tasting

Rang III Pomegranate Tasting Today we tasted pomegranates in school. 22 people liked them and 5 people didn’t like them. We were tasting them with two other schools in America on Twitter. The schools we were tasting them with are in Indiana, USA. We ate the seeds, they were nice and juicy. Some people didn’t like the seeds but liked the juice. Lots of
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Our Class Rules

We had a discussion about all sorts of rules in the world. We talked about if we needed rules or not. We talked about how useful and important  rules were. We decided that if there weren’t rules we would not get along in class and life would be dangerous. We each wrote three rules for our classroom on a sheet of paper. We wrote
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The Garda Visit

The Guards came to our school and they talked to us about what they do. We asked them questions about their work. They let us see their handcuffs. They had special uniforms. We went outside to see their van. We saw the place in the van where they keep the robbers. They put the siren on and we were allowed to sit down in
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Road Safety

We learned a lot about road safety during the past week. We visited this website to learn some more: HERE>>>>>

Safety in the Home

We looked at a website to learn about safety in the home. We looked at safety in the kitchen, in the lounge, in the bedroom and in the garden. Visit this website HERE >>>>>