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Our Anti-Litter Awareness Mural Project

The Community Enterprise Sligo County Council advertised that funding was available for an anti-litter awareness project. Mrs Clarke made an initial proposal to the council and was granted the go ahead. Karen Webster a local artist was invited to guide 5th and 6th classes in creating the art mural. Anti-litter awareness was created in class by showing a film called King Wastealot. The message
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Litter Mural

Our new Litter Mural, completed in the first term by Rang V and Rang VI under the guidance of visual artist Karen Webster, has now been temporarily mounted in the school hall. We’ll have further information on this mural soon.

Winter Art

  We talked about the season of winter.  We learned about the different types of weather we have in Ireland during winter. We looked at some real winter scenes and some winter paintings on the whiteboard.  They were beautiful. Then we created our own winter scene and we painted it!  We took some photos of them. 2nd & 3rd Class  

Making Butterflies

Last week we made butterflies. We folded the paper in two. Then we opened the paper and put three colours of paint on the paper. We closed the paper and spread the paint with our hands. We opened up the page and a nice coloured butterfly appeared. We let them dry overnight. Next day we cut them out and we stuck on a body,
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Children at Play

Yesterday we looked at a website about games people played in Roman times. We tried to play one of the games called knucklebones using cubes. Originally the games was played with ankle bones of a sheep or goat. Today on Twitter we looked at our mentions and @fboss told us that he had seen a picture of children playing knucklebones. We found the picture,
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