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Sixth Class Art

Sixth class have been studying the career of Henri Matisse, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Matisse was renowned for his expressive painting often without regard for the natural colours of the subject. Matisse’s work contained aggressive brush strokes and bold primary colours. In the 1940s, Matisse began creating cut paper collages. He called this new technique ‘painting with scissors’.
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Our Anti-Litter Awareness Mural Project

The Community Enterprise Sligo County Council advertised that funding was available for an anti-litter awareness project. Mrs Clarke made an initial proposal to the council and was granted the go ahead. Karen Webster a local artist was invited to guide 5th and 6th classes in creating the art mural. Anti-litter awareness was created in class by showing a film called King Wastealot. The message
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Third Class Art

We have been exploring paint and colour in Art throughout September and October. We experimented with mixing primary colours to create secondary colours and painted colour wheels to show our outcomes. We also experimented with adding black and white to primary colours to create different shades of the same colour. We then used all the techniques we learned to create a number of pieces of
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