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New Junior Infants working

In a busy week we even found time to do some ‘work’.  

Junior Infants working hard.

Some colouring, cutting and sticking work based on the story Peace At Last. We worked really well, didn’t need much help and didn’t get too much glue on the tables! Miss Wetherald was very happy with our work.

Our Pet Mice!

We read the novel, Happy Mouseday by Dick King-Smith. We wanted to have our own pet mouse so we made one out of clay! Check them out…..      

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley We have enjoyed reading Flat Stanley as our first novel. We have done lots of work on Flat Stanley including wanted posters, comprehension activities, designing medals, Stanley kites and a review We also made our own Flat Stanley which we took home to spend time with. Thank you to all the parents who sent in photographs of Stanley with members of second
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Horses Video

Our Literacy Group in The Glen were learning about Horses and we read a story about them. In the story we learned some new vocabulary about horses. We decided to write our own story about horses, but instead of writing the story down, we decided to make a movie of our story. Everyone in the group contributed to the story and we edited it
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School Features in Aistear Video

Aistear (an Irish word meaning “Journey”) is a framework for developing literacy and numeracy through play, which is very much supported and promoted by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) through the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). In Ransboro National School, we embrace this approach and focus on it in the Junior and Senior Infant classes and this approach will now
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Narnia by 4th class

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by 4th class. In fourth class we build up a picture of Narnia as we read the novel “The lion the witch and the wardrobe”. We made pictures of Mr Tumnus’s house, Mr and Mrs Beavers house, the white witch, the dwarf and the Pevence children.     We described characters in detail as we met them in
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Fruit Kabobs in Second Class

After reading an example of a procedure about making fruit kabobs we wrote our own procedures and followed them to make our own kabobs. We then enjoyed eating them. We all typed something about making fruit kabobs. We made fruit kabobs they were all very tasty but I liked the banana the best. Kaylah My favourite fruit was apple and orange. It was very
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Redevelopment of School Library Complete

The school library was completed as part of the 2001 extension of the school. It gave a great focus to reading and was in constant use by all of the classes. In 2011, with the help of the Parents’ Association, a library management system was provided, allowing the entire stock of books to be computerised. This system enabled a much more efficient system of lending
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Authors in Second Class

Authors in Second Class The children have been busy writing stories based on a cat stuck up a tree.  After editing their stories they each made a book with a front cover that included the title, author and illustrator and a back cover that showed the publisher, back page blurb, other books by these famous authors and a price. On Wednesday they read their
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