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More Lego Fun!

Today we finished our final lego creation! It was a shark! This is a picture of us with the 6 things that we built. We think that the jet was the best to make because it was the easiest!!!

Fun in the Snow

Second Class had a great time playing in the snow. 


Looking out the window at the beautiful winter scene all day, we just couldn’t resist stepping out into the snow. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.

Circle Time

On Tuesdays we have Circle Time in the halla. There is a special thing called the speaking object. If we have a problem we can share it during Circle Time. If we behave and work well all week, we get Golden Time on Fridays. There are five Circle Time skills. They are: Concentrating, Listening, Looking, Speaking and Thinking. There are also Six Golden Rules:
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6th Class fun in the snow!

The school has been a blanket of snow for the last few days.              We made snowmen on the astroturf….. it was boys against girls!            As you can see we had great fun!             The boys won the challenge. They were very proud of themselves!!!