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Weaving Wonders!

On Thursday, the 24th of January, we started to make a loom for weaving. First we cut out a 10cm x 10cm piece of cardboard. Then we drew 10 equally spaced lines. After that, we made small incisions to put our string through. This was our loom. The next day, at two o’clock, we started to weave. We picked our favourite colour wool, got a straw,
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Hessian Pictures

We made hessian pictures last week. Hessian is a very itchy type of material. We all started out with a square or rectangle of hessian. We pulled out some strings from the edge to make a fringe. Then we pulled out a few pieces of string from the square to make a pattern. Then our teacher gave us a sheet of paper to do
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On Tuesday in October 2nd and 3rd class started to learn how to knit. We had some helpers to help us knit and we had a little rhyme to help us. It went like this: “In through the bunny hole, around the big tree, out through the bunny hole and off goes she”. We are still knitting finger puppets and Mrs. Breen sewed them
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