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Making Gingerbread Men in Junior Infants

We enjoyed listening to the story of the Gingerbread Man. We sequenced some pictures to tell the story and drew the features on our own gingerbread man. We also made our own gingerbread man. They were delicious.

Junior Infants Making Buns

We made buns with our buddies and Mr Quinn in The Glen. Our buddies helped us put in the butter, flour and eggs. We then put the mixture in bun cases and left them to bake. Our buddies iced them for us. They were delicious. Thank you Mr Quinn and 6th Class.

First Class Makes Butter

Last week as part of celebrating St. Patirck’s Day and Lá Glas we made homemade butter and ate it on brown soda bread. Here is how we made it: We used cream and a jar with a lid. Step 1 – Fill the jar half way with cream. Step 2 – Put lid back on the jar. Step 3 – Shake!! And watch it
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Gingerbread Men

We made some gingerbread men and women in school!  Ms. Greene and Ms. McGrath took a small group of us to the kitchen to bake! We measured out all the ingredients and followed the recipe.  We put them into the oven and when they were ready left them to cool.  Then we decorated them, they tasted great! By Jack K., Ellen W. and Patrick M.,
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Cup Cake Heaven

Some boys and girls were gone to an athletics fest today and there was a group left behind. Our teacher said that the people left behind could do something fun. We were split up into two groups of eight. One group went into the kitchen in the hall to bake while the other group worked quietly. The first thing we had to do was
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