We used this website to practise making halves of shapes. It’s called Fraction Flags Visit this website HERE>>>>>

Wizard William

We went to a play in the hall called Wizard William. First we saw a man called Wizard William. He can make you breathe heavily. Then we saw King Arthur, the king of the story. Then Arthur said “Get my queen a present at once! Let’s wake her up and see what she wants”. Soon she woke up and told them she wanted to
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Rang a Trí-Halloween Festivities

Our Halloween day at School. Rang a Trí welcomes our new teacher Ms Burke. We worked really hard to make our classroom look scary.  We made hanging spiders and ghost lanters. We had a big party on Friday the 23rd of October.  We dressed up as Devils, Ghosts, Witches, Ghouls and Goblins.  We even had a Pat Shortt in our midst.   The teachers dressed up. 
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                                                                                                                21.10.09   Dear Parents,   I hope this note finds you all well and looking forward to the mid- term break. School will close at 3pm this Friday and re-open on Monday November 2nd .   Winter BBQ The Winter Barbeque was a great success as always, and a wonderful sociable night was had by all with delicious
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Do This In Memory

The first Mass of this parish based programme for the preparation of the First Holy Communion class will take place on Sunday, 29th November at 11am in Ransboro Church. Our school choir will sing at the Mass and we invite all children to attend.

Christmas Cards

We are beginning work this week on our christmas cards, which we hope to have printed and back in the school by early December. We will inform you of the price and details shortly, and an order from for the cards will be going home with the children next week, so you can pre-book your cards. These were beautiful last year, so we appeal
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Operation Christmas Child

The annual appeal for shoe boxes is happening again! Please have your shoe boxes back to school by Monday next, as they will be collected. This is a lovely carity involving children helping children.

Brass Instruments

We learned about the brass instruments in the orchestra – the tuba, the trumpet, the trombone and the French horn. We listened to the instruments on these websites: The New York Philharmonic Kidzone: HERE>>>>> The San Francisco Symphony Kids HERE>>>>>

Spelling Bee

Today we used a programme called Spelling Bee to help learn spellings. You can look at the programme and use it at home HERE>>>>>

Starfish at Lissadell

 Starfish on Lissadell Beach      A freak storm washed between 30,000-50,000 starfish on to Lissadell Beach in Sligo last Thursday. We had really strong winds over the past couple of days which could have caused it.  Scientists have said that the storm force winds could have caused a tsunami-like monster wave which lifted the starfish from the seabed, as they were feeding on
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