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Second Class go All Out for African Theme


The kids of Second class have been working on the African theme far a while now.

And we were lucky enough to report on their work.

Second class have enjoyed reading many books about the African topic.

Here are a few:

: A is for Africa.

: Flat Stanley, African Discovery.

: The Ugly Five.

Second class have also made many fabulous art pieces.(Those little artists).

IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0161

As we were reporting second class we where given some opinions about the whole African experience.

:”I thought it was really fun Because we got to make art and stuff.”—Alex 2nd.

:”I thought it was really fun to learn about all the facts and stuff.”—Aoibheann 2nd .

:” It was fun because you could be with somebody and I really enjoyed it.” Ivana 2nd.


This was our first ever reporting experience and we hope to be reporting on more topics individually soon.


By Alana Oscar and Cathal.


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