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Lissadell House Tour 4th Class 2018

Blog Post written by 4th Class.

Introduction: On the 19th of April 4th class went to see Lissadell House.The journey was a half an hour to Lissadell House.On the way, we saw a statue of Constance being released from prison. Then we saw the beach,not too far from the statue. Then we arrived at Lissadel house.But first,we saw Alpacas,three alpacas. When we got there we saw the plaque that prince charles relieved showing W.B. Yeats’ poem about Lissadell. (Tadhg and Caoimhe)

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Gas Lamps. Back then in Lissadell they used gas for their lighting. Gas was pumped through tubes spread around the house. The gas would flow into the lamp bulbs and make light. Lissadell was two years ahead of its time because they had lighting such as this two years before BUCKINGHAM PALACE!!! – (Ana and Aidan)


W.B. Yeats .He came to Lissadell house many times. The first time he saw two beautiful women and came up with one of his famous poems ‘the light of the evening Lissadell great windows open to the south, two girls in silk kimonos both beautiful one a gazelle’  WB Yeats described  the house as gray and black on the outside with a beautiful living room m as high has a church. Prince Charles unvailed a plaque of one of his poems, it is at the front of the house. (Matthew and Daniel K)


Fire Safety -The people in Lissadell house were very scared of fire and they had fire extinguishers everywhere.They had limestone stairs so servants could get out if there was a fire.In Lissadell they never burnt timber in fear that it might set on fire so they burnt coal.They stored the coal under a path that leads down to the house. (Daniel G and Milly)

Alpine Gardens -the alpine gardens were the first thing we went to see and I was glad, it was my favorite part of all. It was so pretty it had so many different types of flowers, it was amazing, there was a scent you could get off them. There were a couple of ponds with lily pads floating. (Isabel and Cillian)

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Robert Gore Booth:Robert built his house near his parents house. He built his house for about £12,500 he didn’t want to spend much on it. Robert became a important figure in politics. He became the sheriff of Sligo in the British House of Commons. But suddenly the Famine started and the potatoes got infected with blight and made them uneatable. But lots of people died and were and going to places like America and Canada. He was  loosing  workers but he survived and died in 1876 But during the famine he sent workers to America to get better lives,sadly the ship sank and when the towns people heard they made up a song but Robert got it banned. He was married  but his first wife Caroline died while pregnant for there first child his second wife also called Caroline. He has 3 children Henry Emily and Caroline.(Patrick and Cathal)

Henry Goore-booth was Robert’s son. He inherited the house.His older brother (who was meant to get the house) drowned. Henry was a nice man. He set up co-ops and mines to help farmers and poor people. Henry loved hunting. He particularly liked hunting whales and bears. You can still see his weapons in the house today.His main adventure was when he went to the Arctic on his way there he caught a bear this bear was stuffed and is still in the house.  Sarah and Michael



Constance Markievicz was Henry Gore Booth’s daughter. Constance writing on the window-in one of the rooms we saw Constance had written her name on the window. .She used her own ring to do it. and it is still there today,if you go to Lissadell house today you can see it. (Nara and Georgia)


Constance in later years: She was very involved with 1916, she ran a woman’s army! She was arrested for her involvement and unlike the men she was not sentenced to death, he got life imprisonment instead. She was later released from jail. Constance became the first women to be elected to government in England but refused to take her place. She then became the first women in the Irish government when it was formed.

The Kitchen:In the kitchen there was a big old table that the servants or the scullery maids would have worked on to prepare the meals.There was a spot on the table which was worn in from where the head servant would have been standing to work or to watch how the other servants were working There was a little room off the side of the kitchen where they would have hung the meat on little hooks on the ceiling such as  chicken,pork or beef.then we went into another little room beside the kitchen.In the room there was an old microwave that was made out of a box and the electricity would travel up the wire into the box to heat the food inside .(Aimeelee and Kaylah)



Ice House When we visited Lissadel we saw something called an Ice House.An Ice House is an underground house.In winter they got big blocks of ice from the lake.They put it into the Ice House to preserve meat and other food The ice would last 6 months. (Junias and James)

Dining Room: in the kitchen they have a pull system and it leaded in to the dining room. the buttler would hear a bell and pull the rope and served the food. They would eat about 8-12 courses. They buttler would also stand with his back to the table and he would look in a huge mirror and if anyone needed anything he would see and and he could get or do it straight away. The servents would have to messure each and every one of the knifes,forks,glasses,plates and tea cups When Robert used to own it he would hunt the bears and birds and then he would make everyone look at it while they eat so he would feel proud.by Odhran G and Nicole

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We had so much fun and learned lots on our day in Lissadell.

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