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The Dentist

Today we had a visit from Eimear Cleary in connection with our Aistear topic – The Dentist. We looked at how different drinks affect our teeth and how to clean our teeth properly. We learned that some foods are bad for our teeth if we eat them too often and that we should brush our teeth twice a day. We counted out the amount of sugar in jam to show that we don’t always know how much sugar is in different foods. We all got to take home a toothbrush, a special tablet to chew to show how much plague is on our teeth and a pink rinse tablet. We asked a lot of questions about teeth, the tooth fairy, dental instruments and procedures as well as sharing our own views and stories.

Thank you Eimear for visiting us. We really enjoyed your visit.

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Thank you also to Eimear’s helper Liam from 1st class.



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