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An Important Visitor!!

In Aistear this month, we are learning about people who help us.  There are lots of people who help us.

Joe’s daddy is a Paramedic with Meath Ambulance Service and he took time out to come and talk to us today about his work as a Paramedic and he also volunteers with the Coastguard.

We learned a lot about his job and how he helps people everyday.  Paul showed us how to put on a sling and use a pulseometer.  He also gave us a big tip, we should have our EirCode hanging up somewhere in our house (e.g. on our fridge) in case we ever need to call the ambulance.  if we know our Eircode it can save time by helping the ambulance to find our house quickly.

We really enjoyed Paul’s talk with us and we would like to thank him very much for his time.

Here are some photos;

DSC09597 DSC09596 DSC09595 DSC09594 DSC09593 DSC09592 DSC09591 DSC09583 DSC09585 DSC09590



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