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Grandparent’s Day

Last Wednesday, we had Grandparent’s Day in our school.  It started with mass, followed by tea and coffee (for the grown ups!) and then our Grandparents came into our classes.

Some comments from the children in First Class;

“We had a great time listening to the grandparents, my Grandad talked about being a Garda”, Eva.

“We made special flowers with our photo in the middle for our Grandparents”, Nixie.

“My Granny came and talked about her life as a doctor and that she had nine primary schools because her dad was in the army and they travelled a lot when she was young”, Olivia.

“My Nana, Marie had four daughters called Lisa, Laura, Claire and Michelle.  I liked it when Nana and Grandad visited, my Grandad was a builder”, David.

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