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Write a Book Project

The children in 4th Class have been working very hard for a number of weeks creating their very own book.

They began the writing process with a lot of planning- characters, setting, descriptions, openings etc. Once they were happy with their preparation they were ready to start Draft 1. On completion of Draft 1, it was corrected using editing symbols in which the children had to interpret using an index.

With Draft 2, they would make any changes necessary and try to add better descriptions or extend their vocabulary to make their book even better,

Finally they could do Draft 3- the final draft! Here they started to write their story on clear unlined paper in the shape they wished.

After adding the index, about the author, acknowledgements and dedication pages, they could get to the fun part of pop ups, character pull outs and book marks!!

They then shared their story with the class and other classes in the school.

They were very proud of their books…and rightly so!

Well done boys and girls!!

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