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The Model Gallery

Blog post written by Sarah 

We went to the Model Art Gallery on the 10th of November 2016 and it was amazing! The building used to be a school but then a family bought it. Later they gave it to Sligo County Council and they made it into an art gallery. We went on a tour there. Our tour guide’s name was Chelsea Canavan. She was really nice. First we went to a big room with lots of modern art. Some of the paintings were dark and some were bright. We got to see all of the paintings in the room. We got to see lots of different paintings and installations in the gallery. We were told not to touch anything. We had a light lunch there. We could choose chicken and cheese or ham and cheese. Of course I picked chicken and cheese and it was delicious! After that we made Arctic books. I had so much fun making my book with my friends. I really really had so much fun.











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