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Making Soup

Blog Post by Killian and Julie-Rose

Today we drank and made soup.

We went to the Glen and used the kitchen there. Our class got different jobs such as cutting unions,peeling the carrots,putting vegetables into a pot and peeling potatoes. We also cut the bread.

The Green School Committee took the peas out of the pea pods.

(Mrs O Rourke,Jamie,Jacob,Oisín,Frazer,Lily,Killian,Julie,Nicole,Isabel,Brian and Lily)

We then got to drink the soup. It tasted very nice!

We wrote the recipe into our English copies using the format Procedural Writing.

Look at some of the photos of our cooking

img_4968 img_4950 img_4951 img_4952 img_4953 img_4954 img_4955 img_4956 img_4957 img_4958 img_4960 img_4961 img_4964  img_4966 img_4967



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