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Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley We have enjoyed reading Flat Stanley as our first novel. We have done lots of work on Flat Stanley including wanted posters, comprehension activities, designing medals, Stanley kites and a review We also made our own Flat Stanley which we took home to spend time with. Thank you to all the parents who sent in photographs of Stanley with members of second class they are up on our Flat Stanley display. During computers we typed up a sentence or two about what we did with Stanley. Stanley has been up to all sorts of activities! dsc01762 I made flat Stanley in school. Flat Stanley and I played Pokemon Go. Aron

I made Flat Stanley at school. We brought him home. Oscar M

One day we all made Flat Stanleys.  After school we all did something with flat Stanley. Flat Stanley and I went outside. Zav. dsc01760-2 I made Flat Stanley at school. The next day it was my birthday he sang happy birthday to me. Bríain.

We put flat Stanley in my bearded dragon’s cage. Apparently he took a ride on my dog and cat. Flat Stanley and I had so much fun. Carrie

Flat Stanley met my dog and cat. My dog’s name is Maggie and my cat’s name is Batman. I loved my time with Flat Stanley. Kasia dsc01759 We went up to my granny’s house. He went on the Dexter he saw my 7, 9, and my 20 and 24 year old cousins. Aimee.

He met my toy bunny called Scarlet, she’s a pink bunny and they got on well together. My mum took a photo of them together. Eva

First I made him and it was fun. He was laminated.  Flat Stanley and I had to go to the Hawks Well twice, the first time Flat Stanley and I went to The Sound of Music and the second time people were playing instruments. Faye dsc01757 Our class made Flat Stanley. We put a lot of effort into it. It was fun, after we brought it home. Jack

I was at home taking a photograph of Flat Stanley. Iman

In school we made Flat Stanley. After school we brought Stanley home. Over the weekend Stanley and I rode my bike. Noah.

In school we made Flat Stanley. When we went home Flat Stanley went camping in my playroom. We had so much fun. Lily.

Flat Stanley and I went home together, then he worked hard on the computer. Oisín D dsc01756 Flat Stanley got into my paper aeroplane but when I threw it he jumped out. I had a great fun. Conor

Our class made Flat Stanley we went together to the skate park. We also went swimming with my baby cousin. Finn

I made Stanley, coloured him and took him home to take some photographs. Flat Stanley and I went to the house and the next day we went to get some fish. Matthew

Flat Stanley and I got ready for my match. We had great fun. Micheál

Flat Stanley and I played football and then hurling. We had great fun.  Oisín Choo dsc01753 Flat Stanley and I went shopping. Next he went back to the future in a picture frame. By Haydn.

Flat Stanley and I got new Lego from Smyths. We went home we played with the Lego. Patrick

I made flat Stanley. Then Breege laminated him. After school we took a photo at my house. Then we took the photo to school.Ryan

I made a flat Stanley in school. I brought him to the woods. We climbed up high trees and a big rock, after we went in the sea. We went down steep steps, we had fun. Our favourite was climbing trees. Kate F.

I went home and Stanley was playing army. His job was the pilot of the helicopter. By Sarah dsc01758 Stanley took a ride on my cat’s back all around the place. Stanley and I watched a movie. By Kate G

Flat Stanley and I went to Smyths, we got FIFA 17. After we went to Molly Fultons and had food. It was fun. Aaron

First I made Stanley, then I went to my brothers GAA match. After I played my PS4. Zack

Flat Stanley and I played monopoly it was a great game. At the start I was winning but then the game changed and flat Stanley began to win. Tadhg dsc01758


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