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Blast Off!

Senior Infants have been working on a Space theme in Aistear over the past few weeks, here are some photos of our activities!

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Some of our activities included;

We learned all about The Solar System and an easy way to remember the names of all the planets…My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets! We drew the solar system on black card and then on the windows of our classroom….cool!!! We sang songs about the solar system.

We researched all about space shuttles and made one, we also created our very own flying saucer and alien!   We played numeacy and literacy games with a space theme.  Joined NASA’s kids club and learned all about star constellations and lots more!! Check it out, it is an amazing website! Our star constellations turned out fantastic and we loved listening to the stories behind each one.

We had great fun playing in our role play area, where we had control panel controllers, sateillite engineers, an astronaut and a friendly alien!  We created a space museum with moon rocks! We made galaxy dough (playdough with black food colouring, glitter and stars!). Ryan made a rocket for our class teddy ..Spot!! He had lots of exciting journeys into Space with us! We made rockets in junk art and with our new Magsnaps! Everyone designed their own martian on the Ipods and we wrote a description of it!  We enjoyed learning all about astronauts, Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon, gravity, how astronauts live in space, the planets and lots more!

We had great fun learning all about Space.



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