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Our Post Office

Before Christmas, we had a Post Office in our classroom.  We learned  about what happens in the Post Office and we wrote letters, cards, and postcards to each other.  Then we posted our letters etc in our Post Box.

We were very lucky to get a visit from a real Postman!  Postman Stephen took time out of his very busy schedule to tell us all about his job.  He showed us the equipment he uses and his post van.

Then Postman Stephen took the school’s letters to Santa and got them delivered safely to The North Pole!

Thank you very much Postman Stephen for your time.

Please see some of our photos below.

DSC07800  DSC07804    DSC07818  DSC07820 DSC07818 DSC07813 DSC07808 DSC07806 DSC07804 DSC07803


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