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Fruit Kabobs in Second Class

After reading an example of a procedure about making fruit kabobs we wrote our own procedures and followed them to make our own kabobs. We then enjoyed eating them.

kabobs 013

We all typed something about making fruit kabobs.

We made fruit kabobs they were all very tasty but I liked the banana the best. Kaylah

My favourite fruit was apple and orange. It was very colourful. It was very tasty. I enjoyed making them. Aimee-Lee

My fruit kabob had a banana, apple and grapes. Making them was very fun. Georgia.

kabobs 009

I put on grapes oranges and apples.  They were delicious the easiest part was eating them. Odhran B.

My fruit kabob was really, really, really nice. Cathal

I liked to eat the kabobs yum. Patrick

kabobs 012

I put on two apples, two grapes, and two oranges. Vivienne

I made kabobolicious. I ate it and I loved it. Turlough

I put an apple and grapes on a skewer, I ate them and they were lovely. Matthew

My fruit kabob was good. The pattern was apple, grape and orange.  Milly

kabobs 023

My favourite fruit was the green apple but I hated the orange. Callum

I had fun making fruit kabobs. Odhran G.

My favourite fruit was the red apple. I did not like the orange. My pattern was apple, orange, banana and grape. Caoimhe

I did not know what a kabobolicious was until we made them in class. I loved them. James

The fruit kabobs were delicious. Sarah

kabobs 027

The fruit kabobs were nice. I liked all the fruit. The grapes were the easiest to put on the skewer and the apples were the hardest. Robert

It was great fun making fruit kabobs and my pattern was red apple, banana, green apple and red grape. Ana

kabobs 022

Making fruit kabob was fun. My pattern was red apple, red apple, orange and banana. Nara

My favourite fruit was the banana. Daniel K

I put on green and purple grapes and an apple at the bottom. Leonkabobs 018

The fruit kabobs were yummy and my favourite fruit was the grape. Tadhg

I made my kabob with grapes, banana and oranges. I loved it, it was so fun. Nicole

kabobs 014

I put apple, banana, oranges, and grapes on my fruit kabob. It was delicious. Isabel

My favourite fruit was the grapes and I will make them at home. Aidan

The fruit kabobs were kabobolicious. Daniel G

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