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New Green School Committee 2015

Since September each class have promoted the Green school programme as we were electing a new committee. We made speeches and presented them to our class and the children voted for their choice.

The following members were elected: Fraser Woodward, Jamie Walsh, Jacob Hamilton, Jamie Kilfeather, Oisin Hennessy, Killian Parle, Lily Casey, Isabel Davitt, Nicole Downs, Julie Rose McSharry and Amber Doyle. Mrs Nairn, Mrs Hampson and Mrs O’Rourke are on the committee also.

The theme is Global Citizenship and it is in two parts. The first two years we will work on the theme Global Citizenship litter and waste. After that the next theme will be Global Citizenship energy. We are all citizens of the world and things that we do locally have an impact globally. Dali Lama once said “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”.

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