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Maths Trail

During maths week we did a maths trail round the school. This involved counting, adding, identifying shapes and measuring using steps and strides. We all wrote a sentence about the maths trail.

The hardest part of the maths trail was counting the squares on the backboard of the basketball hoop.  Michael

My favourite part of the maths trail was on the junior and senior infants’ yard because I loved counting all the windows. Cathal

My favourite bit was counting the windows. James

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I liked looking at squares the best and counting the steps from the door to the gate. Callum

My favourite part was counting the spaces in the gate. Leon

Today we did a maths trail we were split into teams we had to count odd and even numbers of objects around the school.  Caoimhe

I was working with Georgia for the maths trail.  Vivienne

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My favourite parts were when I got to write my own question, add the four square numbers and team work. Nicole

On the maths trail I was in a group with Nara, James, Milly, Nicole and Leon.  Isabel.

When we were doing the maths trail the hardest part was when we had to count all of the little squares on the back-board of the basket-ball hoop. Ana.

Today I had a maths trail. I saw loads of shapes. My partner was Kaylah. I had loads of fun with my group. My teacher was Ms.Hynes.  Aimee-Lee

Today was a fun maths day. We had our maths class outside. I enjoyed counting the windows. I counted twenty eight windows.  Daniel B

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My best bit was the counting    Turlough

There were only four people in my maths group they were Daniel B, me, Michael and Odhrán B.  Daniel G

My favourite part was the junior infant’s yard  Daniel K.

We counted the numbers on the hop-scotch. Odhran G


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