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Making Cheese

1st Class were very lucky to have Claire Scott, a parent of a child in their class, volunteer to show the class the process in which cheese is made.

After spending some time in class learning about different types of farming. people the farmer help, how milk is brought from farm to fridge and farming in the past. It was a very welcome project for the children to see  first hand how cheese is made from farm to fridge.

The children took part in all stages of production….and especially enjoyed tasting their product afterwards!.

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The children had to heat the milk to 37 degrees Celsius (as hot as our blood). They then added rennet. Rennet separates the milk into curd and whey. The mixture is hung up and left for a couple of hours to allow the whey to drip out. After some time, the children returned the curd to the classroom and examined the huge amount of whey that came away from the curd.

We then spread the cheese onto crackers, and added honey.

The recipe used was found on ( we used pasturised milk)  http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/jul/22/homemade-cheese-recipes-fearnley-whittingstall

The whole class voted and decided….that it was YUMMY!

Thank you Claire, your time and knowledge was greatly appreciated.



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