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On Saturday 13th December a number of children from the school participated in a biathlon competition. They ran 800metres on the track at Sligo IT and later in the day swam 2 lengths of the pool at the sports complex. In between events they had the opportunity to try fencing and laser shooting.

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The competitors –

2nd class Cathal H, Ethan M, Adam S

3rd class Keelan B, Kayla K, Nessa O’S, Alex S, Anna W, Fraser W

4th class Ferdia F

5th class Clíonadh O’S

6th class Ellen W

santa biathlon 054 santa biathlon 056 santa biathlon 057

I did the biathlon on Saturday. We did running and swimming. The fun activities were fencing and laser guns. I liked the laser guns the best.

Cathal Hughes 2nd class


On December 13th twelve students from Ransboro took part in the biathlon in Sligo. There was an 800m run and a 50m swim.

The run was very long and it was very cold. Then there was a two hour break. They had fencing and shooting tasters there as well. Then we all went over to the Sports Complex. They gave us all bangers to cheer everyone on. We all had a great day (and quite tiring).

Ellen Woodward


It was great to see the children competing so well in the events and enjoying the taster sessions provided by Pentathlon Ireland.  Congratulations to Fraser who came first in the under 10 boys event, Clíonadh who came second in the under 11 girls, Ellen who came third in the under 12 girls and Kayla who came fourth in the under 10 girls.


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