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Every day on my way to school I cross four bridges, and pass under three, but never notice anything different. But it’s amazing to think that something as common as a bridge is actually brilliant enough to hold its own weight and much more. I suspect most other people are the same as me, never realising how wonderful bridges are unless you stop to think about it. Every single bridge is an example of amazing architecture. Every bridge, whether a small footbridge in your garden, or a huge complicated architectural bridge, deserves our respect. (By Caoilfhionn)

In Science we have been exploring the engineering behind bridge design. We learned that the design of bridges depend on the span to be crossed, the materials used and the available budget. We also learned how the structure of a bridge can be strengthened by using the same materials in a different way.

We then researched and completed projects on bridges. Some of the subheadings we used were types of bridges, materials used, history of bridges, famous bridges around the world and bridge disasters.


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