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Schools in the Past 1st Class

1st Class have been doing some very interesting research into what school was like long ago.

They examined some very old items that teacher brought into school, some over 100 years old! These included: Irish books, Maths books, test copies, Religion copies, Sewing copies and even a very old schoolbag!

IMG_1173 IMG_1159 IMG_1165 IMG_1168 IMG_1169 IMG_1170 IMG_1172

The children were shocked at how small the books were and even how small the text was in these books. They did not like that there were no colourful pictures.

The children were amazed at the beautiful handwriting in the copies and were delighted to see that it is the same cursive writing letters that we have started to learn this year.


There were many aspects of school long ago that the children are glad have changed, the outdoor toilets, the cane, the heating, and the dunces corner to name just a few!

After learning how different school was in the past it was time for the children to interview their grandparents/ parents/ friend and listen to the experience they had of school long ago.

They then presented their interview booklets to the class. It was fascinating to listen to so many different experiences of school.



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