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Our Anti-Litter Awareness Mural Project

Litter MuralThe Community Enterprise Sligo County Council advertised that funding was available for an anti-litter awareness project. Mrs Clarke made an initial proposal to the council and was granted the go ahead. Karen Webster a local artist was invited to guide 5th and 6th classes in creating the art mural.

Anti-litter awareness was created in class by showing a film called King Wastealot. The message of this film was that litter does not disappear by itself. We need to clean up after events and recycle as much as possible.

We first did charcoal drawings on the anti-litter theme. The next class involved water colour paintings on water colour paper. An interim report was sent to the council at this stage and they were happy for us to proceed.

Karen selected the pictures from the two classes and assembled them into three large pictures. We painted these large pictures choosing the most appropriate colours. The three pictures were then projected on to three large murals. Finally we took turns to paint the murals. We hope you enjoy viewing the murals which are now on display in the school hall and please! please! Remember to keep our environment litter free.

By 5th class


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