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The Veterinary Surgery in Senior Infants!

We have been very busy working in the Veterinary Surgery in Senior Infants for the last few weeks. In November we had a visit from a vet and he gave us lots of ideas of what we could do in our own veterinary surgery in our classroom. Every day a group of six children play in this socio dramatic area taking on different roles- The vet, the vet-on-call, the veterinary nurse, receptionists and pet owners. The vet has prescriptions to write, the pet owners have to fill out documentation about their pet and the receptionists are always busy taking appointments, phone messages and emails. We have lots of different pets- cats, dogs, rabbits, sheep etc.. and they all visit the vet for different reasons. Some are ill or have an injury, while others come for check-ups or immunisations. Sometimes the vet even has to perform operations in the surgery. When the vet has finished treating an animal it must spend some time resting in the Recovery Area. Its all very hard work but we love it!

We have also been learning a lot about other ‘People at Work’. Here is a song we have been enjoying…


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