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Maths Trail

During Maths Week Second Class did a maths trail.            

Read some of our comments below.

“My maths trail was outside in the playground and front of the school.” – AaronSAM_0676

“We had six groups with five people in them.” – Áine

“We had to stick together like a team and help people on our team.” – OrnaSAM_0665

“I liked the target circle. “ – Lisa


“My favourite thing was counting the cars.” – Shane

“It was quite hard to do the maths trail at the back.” – AlfieSAM_0672

“My group had fun figuring out the questions.” – Nessa

“We used the snakes and ladders game on our maths trail.” – AnnaSAM_0690

“There were lots of things to do” – Eoghan

“My favourite thing was doing strides around the back.” – MarkSAM_0666

“We had to count the windows” – Conor

“I really liked counting the trees.” Zoe

“Some of it was hard. I want to do it again.” – Alex


We counted all the coloured letters.” – Megan

“My favourite bit was when we got to do the snake because I think it was fun.” Brooke

“We answered questions about the mosaic at the front of the school.” – ZaraSAM_0680

“The easiest part was the cars.” – Oisín


“We liked the maths trail.” – James

“I had a great time.” Fraser

“Some questions were hard, some were easy.” – Eva


“I liked it because it was challenging.” – Lily

“A maths trail is a fun way to learn maths.” – Tadhg

“The hardest thing was counting the back of the basketball net.” – KealanSAM_0660

“My favourite part was the strides.” Laoise

“I loved doing the maths trail.” – Keelan


“I liked counting the squares on the basketball hoop.” – Cormac

“My favourite one was the snakes and ladders.” – Tom


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