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Maths Week 2013

P1000881 (2)P1000876 (2)P1000877 (2)P1000880 (2)P1000873 (2)¬†P1000878 (2)P1000874 (2)P1000879 (2)P1000882 (2)P1000875 (2)It’s maths week! We have a maths board in the entrance hall. There are 12 different puzzles that we have to try to solve. Groups from each class visit the board to try to figure out solutions each day.

In fifth class we made tangrams. We made lighthouses,candles.a girl,ladies,houses,shoes and bunnies. We cut out hexagons,octagons and pentagons and we put them together to see if they tessellate. We found that hexagons tessellate perfectly but octagons  tessellate but need a square in the centre. Pentagons tessellate but they needs a hexagon in the middle.

Second class did a maths trail outside and all classes did maths games and puzzles.We have a maths quiz on Friday.Maths are everywhere.We enjoy Maths.

By 5th class


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