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Pioneer Pledge

PioneersOn the 4th of June fourteen people in our class took a pledge. This pledge was to not smoke, drink until age 18 and to stay off illegal drugs for life. The ceremony took place in the local church, Star of the Sea Ransboro in the presence of Father Mc Crann. There was a lady from the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA) there. Her name was Maisie Mc Nabola. She supplied us all with our Pioneer pin and a little card which Father Mc Crann presented to us.

There is a prayer that is on the card and it is meant to be recited every morning and evening. This is the prayer:

Lord for your sake, for the recovery of

problem drinkers and victims of substance

abuse, to make amends to your Sacred Heart

For the intemperance in all our lives,

I promise not to take alcoholic drink until I am

at least 18 and to keep off illicit drugs for life.

We were all very proud of our pins and we hope we will keep our pledge until we are 18 as we know it is the right thing to do.


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