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6th Class Donation to Sligo Cancer Support Centre

Rang VIToday, June 6th, we had a visitor in 6th class. A really nice lady called Maureen from the Sligo Cancer Support Centre. She came so that we could present her with a cheque for €500! We raised this money together, donating from our Confirmation money, so that the centre could continue to provide the excellent services that they provide. The Support Centre cares for many people with cancer and all of their treatments are free of charge to the people who use the centre. We raised this money to help to pay for some of the people who do these treatments. The services that they provide include counselling and psychotherapy, bio energy, yoga and aromatherapy treatments.

The Cancer Support Centre is a place of happiness. You might think that you would go in to find a dark doctor’s surgery with a few people waiting in a waiting room, all with frowns and a few tears on their faces. When instead you find a bright place, full of laughter and smiles, where people come out looking happy and calm. Where people are reassured that this will all be OK. Where you know you can go and be welcome, no matter who you are, what age you are, or what you do. If cancer has had any effect on your life, you know you can go to the centre and be welcomed with open arms. I think that we chose a wonderful charity to donate to and I feel happy knowing that this money is going to such a good cause.

Sligo Cancer Support Centre put a note of thanks to us on their website HERE

By Maedhbh (Rang VI)


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