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Fire Station Visit!

Fire Station 01We visited the Fire station in Sligo last Wednesday.  Jason and Glen (Firefighters) showed us around the station.  We saw all the different fire engines, they were so big and we got to sit in one!  Glen put on the siren for us, it was very loud.  The firemen showed us all the different equipment that they use, it was very interesting. The fire engine’s tank holds 1800 litres of water and then the firefighters use a fire hydrant to get more water.  If there is no fire hydrant the firefighters bring their big water tanker with them and it holds thousands of litres of water and is always filled and ready to go in case of an emergency.

Glen let us use the fire hose, it was so much fun!  The ground was very wet when we were finished ;)

We got a fire safety pack and we sang our firefighter song for the firefighters!  The firemen told us to check that our smoke alarms are working at home and to always wear our seat belt when travelling.

Killian said, “My favourite part was when we saw the Jaws of Life, these are used to cut up cars to help people out when they are stuck”.

“I loved sitting up in the Fire engine”, said Oisín.

“The equipment the firefighters use is very heavy”, said Orla.

“I had great fun spraying the water from the hose”, said Oscar.

“I had fun when they let me put on the helmet”, said Patrick.

After our visit, we had a picnic in Doorly Park and then we played in the playground.  We had a great day and we were very tired on the bus home, some people fell asleep!

You can see more photos of us at the Fire Station HERE


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