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On Wednesdays, 3rd-6th  classes go to a gaelic lesson on the astro turf pitch. Our coaches names are Aileen & Daire and they are from Mayo. Aileen does some really fun exercises & games with us. We do different games such as Traffic Lights and Tape Player. We also do games with both coaches such as passing games, kicking games and skill games.

They show us how to do skills properly in case you get into bad habits like holding your thumb inside your fist because you can break your thumb ( Aileen knows from personal experience.)


Sophie-Leigh: “It’s really fun & it’s good for improving your sports skills & the teachers are fantastic”

Fiona: It’s a good way of playing gaelic & it’s not boring like other sports”

Caoimhe O: “It’s really fun & the coaches are really good craic”

Jim: “Fun”

Stephen: ” It’s great fun & it keeps you fit & healthy”

Patrick: “It’s fun & it helps your Gaelic skills”

Daragh: ” It’s fun & it helps your Gaelic skills”

Jack: ” It’s very enjoyable & fun because you get to learn new things”

Aislinn: ” It’s really fun & the things we do are funny & Aileen gave me a new nick-name Giggles!”

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