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Grandparents Day

On Wednesday 30th of January we had Grandparents Day in our school. The reason for Grandparents Day is to celebrate the importance of grandparents. Parents and grandparents came to our school for a service and presentation. The choir sang songs and some children and teachers said speeches and prayers. A grandparent named Deirdre who once sang in the Sydney Opera House kindly agreed to sing a song on the day. After the presentation the parents and grandparents stayed in the hall for tea and biscuits. After they had their tea, some grandparents visited the classrooms of their grandchildren. We asked them about their life as a child and compared it to our lives today. The stories grandparents told sixth class have been recorded as podcasts! (You can listen here to Podcasts Part 1 and Podcasts Part 2)

Some lucky people got to go home early with their grandparents. We all loved our grandparents visiting our school and we hope Grandparents Day will be just as great in years to come.

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