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Gaelic Football Mini-League

gaelic_footballThe Ransboro NS Gaelic football mini-league  is now well underway. This competition is being run in preparation for the Cumann na mBunscol inter-school competition which begins after Easter. All children from fourth, fifth and sixth classes were given the opportunity to participate.

The 49 boys and girls who signed up were divided into 6 teams. There are two groups of three teams with each team guaranteed two games. The top two teams in each group will progress to the semi-finals, with the winners of the semi-finals meeting in a final.

Matches will be played at lunchtimes over the course of 4 weeks. It is hoped to play two games each  week. Each game will last for 18 minutes and normal Gaelic football rules will apply.

The teams were picked by the team captains who are Adam, Alan, Kevin, Joseph, Rory and Alexander. Each captain also picked a county to represent. Dublin, Cork and Meath are in Group A. Tyrone, Mayo and Donegal are in Group B.

The teams are as follows:

Mayo: Adam H, Ben, Jack (6th), Alex, Christian, Roscha, Eilis, Aisling and Rebecca.

Dublin:  Kevin, James, Joshua, Cormac, Nicole, Ellen P, Leah and Ciara M.

Meath: Joseph, Jamie, Stephen, Ciaran, Sam, Kaela, Sarah H and Ellen W

Tyrone: Alan, Jason, Paul, Jim, Aidan K, Eimear B, Amy and Eva

Cork: Rory, John M, Jake, Anthony, Jack (4th), Sarah L, Lauren and Ciara L

Donegal: Alexander, John O, Patrick, Darragh, Aidan D, Maria, Caoimhe, Eimear C

Results and fixtures

Tues  19th Feb:     Meath       0-3       Dublin    0-1

Weds 20th Feb:    Mayo        2-5       Tyrone  2-7

Tues  26th Feb:    Dublin       0-0       Cork      5-1

Thurs 28th Feb:     Tyrone      1-1       Donegal   1-2

Tues 5th Mar:        Cork          1-2       Meath    2-2

Weds 6th Mar:       Donegal   0-1      Mayo     1-1

Tues 12th Mar:      Meath       0-2       Mayo     2-4

Thurs 14th Mar:     Tyrone      1-5       Cork      5-1

Final                       Mayo          vs       Cork

  • Calendar icon February 13, 2013
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