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Grandparent Podcasts Part 2

Wednesday January 30th was Grandparents’ Day in our school. Some grandparents talked to us in class about their childhood, when they were in school and how it was different to our childhood. We recorded them telling us these stories.

Peggy Cromey and Jim Lawlor talk about making sandals, ration books, oranges, gas masks and hoovers.

Podcast 6

Jim Lawlor talks about people going to each other’s houses at Christmas for entertainment.

Podcast 7

Peggy Cromey talks about gas and the Glimmer Man. Jim Lawlor also tells about getting a key to raid the gas meter.

Podcast 8

The class sing a Dublin song “Molly Malone” with the grandparents.

Podcast 9

Peggy Cromey talks about teaching in a class of 60 and Jim Lawlor talks about buying his first house for £1,050.

Podcast 10

Listen to Part 1 of these Grandparent Podcasts HERE


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