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3338897-horseshoe-magnet-3d-rendering-on-white-backgroundThird and fourth class studied magnetism recently in Science.

We began by revising the poles of the magnets and establishing the reaction when magnetic poles are placed together.

Next, we tested a number of different materials to see if they were magnetic or non-magnetic. It was interesting to discover that not all metals are magnetic. Metals which are magnetic are called ferrous metals which means they contain traces of iron.

We then carried out experiments to test the strength of different magnets. Each group had to come up with their own experiment but had to make sure it was a ‘fair test’.

In our next lesson we made temporary magnets by magnetizing a nail or a hairpin.

Our teacher demonstrated the magnetic field of magnets using iron filings.

Finally we used a magnet, polystyrene and a basin of water to establish North, South, East and West in our classroom.


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